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OptimusRx Pharmacy management system receives orders through numerous means which allows you to market your services to many types of customers.


Because it adjusts to the financial requirements of your business and the ordering methods of each of your service models, OptimusRx keeps your prescription processing flowing smoothly and profitably.

OptimusRx processes every prescription individually in real-time, so there is no need to gather orders and batch process them by each group separately for both prescription and claims processing.

Checks and cross-checks are made during each processing step and made by pharmacists where appropriate, assuring your pharmacy efficiently delivers the right medications, in the right amounts, at the right time, simultaneously letting you know before filling an order if payment has been approved.

OptimusRx has flexible prescription processing steps and has full batch reordering and cycle filling capabilities.

  • Receiving orders by a variety of means, including fax, facility web portal, facility refill scanning, or e-prescribing technologies

  • Third Party Claims checking with providers to assure payment approval before processing each prescription.  It moves rejected claims to facility and private pay- types automatically. This includes E1 eligibility checks and rejection alerts, as needed

  • Pharmacists Fill Verification for order entry to make sure it matches the prescription and to note any possible interactions with other medicines prescribed for the patient

  • Packaging and labeling the medicines by bottle, bubble pack or other means

  • Pharmacists Verification to double check the prescription for accuracy

  • Delivering orders to your facilities including maintaining audit proof of service

Batch Filling from your facilities


For even greater efficiency your facilities can do batch filling by using wireless barcode scanners to accurately reorder hundreds of medications simultaneously, saving time for you and your customers. Batch filling communicates and integrates seamlessly with OptimusRx by means of the Optimus’ eRxRequest facility refill software application.

Facility Ordering


OptimusRx prescription processing supports computer order entry by means of Optimus’ iAMOS Rx, the Automated Medication Ordering System web based application. With iAMOS Rx, any customer with an Internet connection can add, change and delete prescriptions, and even print medical records.

Claims Processing


ClaimGuard™ keeps you in touch with third-party payers—insurance companies and welfare organizations—and lets you know the status of your payment claims. Orders are processed individually as they come into OptimusRx. ClaimGuard connects over the Internet to the designated third party requesting payment. Results are typically returned within seconds, either accepting or rejecting the claim.

Features of ClaimGuard include:

  • Realtime Internet transmissions

  • Rejection alert notice feature

  • Rejection Repair Tools to resolve rejections quickly

  • Reports for managing rejected claims

  • Electronic reconciliation tools

Optimus Logon Screen

Cycle Filling


In addition, OptimusRx supports cycle filling that you can adjust to meet the needs of your customers by offering flexible ordering periods such as daily, weekly, twice monthly, monthly. As implemented in OptimusRx, cycle filling virtually eliminates the challenges sometimes associated with this type of service.



Looking toward the future, OptimusRx is also ready for e-prescribing, the computer-to-computer transfer of prescription data between a pharmacy and their facilities. OptimusRx is compliant with the NCPDP SCRIPT standard.

User Interface


OptimusRx makes effective use of the mouse, keyboard, and barcode scanning to facilitate quick and easy system navigation and data entry.

Optimus ClaimGuard Screen

The Benefits



Gives pharmacies the ability to automatically transmit the pharmacy identification numbers for all prescriptions, which results in accurate, consistent reimbursement. 

24/7 Online

Our industry-experienced support reps are available across all time zones; 24/7, 365 days a year. We will never ask for a credit card to extend your support minutes. Ongoing training is available onsite or online.

Patient Communcation

Save time on the phones and communicate seamlessly with your patients to facilitate refills and med synch management. Let your patients help you!


Just enter your contact information and a representative will reach out to you as soon as possible with information on how to sign up for Optimus RX Solutions!

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