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Empowering Pharmacies, Elevating Care.

Your All-in-One Retail/LTC Combo. Interested? Request a Demo!

Total Data Encryption

  • HIPAA Compliance across all applications & services.

  • Biometric Logins with Salted Hashed Passwords.

  • Secure Hash Algorithm combined with Advanced Encryption Standards.

  • Your Data is Safe, whether At Rest or In Transit.

Data Encryption.JPG

Cloud Integrations

  • Full integration with Cloud Environments such as Azure Active Directory or Akamai Identity Cloud

  • Easily scale your environment with on-demand resources

  • Reduce overall operational expenses in the long term.

Cloud Computing.JPG

Data Loss Prevention

  • Automatic On-Site Backups

  • RxBackup service offers nightly Cloud Backups

  • Backup Data is Encrypted at All Times.

  • Backups are tuned to your scheduling needs

  • You can schedule multiple throughout the day!

Backup Technologies.JPG

Multi-Language Support

  • Support customers & patients with different linguistic backgrounds

  • Real-time language translations

  • Utilize for Prescription Label Forms, Sigs, and More!

Multi-Language Support.JPG

The Benefits



Gives pharmacies the ability to automatically transmit the pharmacy identification numbers for all prescriptions, which results in accurate, consistent reimbursement. 

24/7 Online

Our industry-experienced support reps are available across all time zones; 24/7, 365 days a year. We will never ask for a credit card to extend your support minutes. Ongoing training is available onsite or online.

Patient Communcation

Save time on the phones and communicate seamlessly with your patients to facilitate refills and med synch management. Let your patients help you!

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