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Cloud-based App that Syncs with MedTablet

The innovative MedTablet ADL app simplifies the documentation of a resident's Activities of Daily Living (ADL) and the corresponding level of staff support, facilitating streamlined reporting under MDS Sections G0110B, G0120B, H0600, and P0200. With MedTablet, scheduling ADLs for a resident becomes effortless, and when the activities are completed using the ADL app, the recorded outcomes are immediately displayed on the Medication Administration Record (MAR) and are readily available for printing in a comprehensive report.

Notable Features of MedTablet ADL

Menu Configuration

Enable users to customize their menu settings by concealing activities they don't perform and arranging the displayed activities that they do perform in a preferred order.

Wing & Resident Activity Log

Provide users with the ability to view a comprehensive list of performed activities, organized by Wing or Resident. Users can easily select a specific activity to access detailed charting information.

ADL Screen
Apple App Store

Residents have access to a comprehensive set of Activities of Daily Living (ADL) assessments, covering various aspects of their daily routines. These assessments include bathing preferences, bed mobility, meal consumption, dressing habits, on and off-unit locomotion, personal hygiene practices, the use of safety restraints or alarms, food supplements intake, transfer methods between surfaces, toileting habits, and vital signs tracking, such as Blood Pressure, Pulse, Respiration, SpO2, Temperature, Weight, and Blood Glucose. Additionally, the assessments encompass how residents walk in both corridor and room settings, detailing any devices utilized in the process. This holistic approach allows for a thorough understanding of each resident's daily activities and healthcare needs.


The Benefits



Gives pharmacies the ability to automatically transmit the pharmacy identification numbers for all prescriptions, which results in accurate, consistent reimbursement. 

24/7 Online

Our industry-experienced support reps are available across all time zones; 24/7, 365 days a year. We will never ask for a credit card to extend your support minutes. Ongoing training is available onsite or online.

Patient Communcation

Save time on the phones and communicate seamlessly with your patients to facilitate refills and med synch management. Let your patients help you!

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