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Real-time Prescription Ordering, On-Demand Reports & Medical Records for Facilities

iAMOS Rx presents a mobile facility-to-pharmacy application, strategically crafted to optimize real-time access to resident pharmacy information for nurses and caregivers. Compatible with Windows Servers, Workstations, Laptops, and Apple iPads. iAMOS Rx delivers the advantage of reducing reliance on faxing or phone communications with the pharmacy for medication-related inquiries.


With just a few taps or clicks, users can effortlessly access orders and check their status. Serving as the ideal companion, iAMOS Rx empowers nurses with immediate access to resident profiles and facilitates medication ordering at the bedside, med cart, or any location within the facility. Moreover, the platform provides a competitive edge against larger organization pharmacies by offering on-demand, in-depth reporting capabilities.

Modify Resident Screen
Medication Screen

Features & Services which are included:

  • View resident active drug profile with percentage of utilization based on last fill date

  • Request new and refill orders directly from the pharmacy

  • Review filling status of new and refill orders

  • Discontinue orders

  • Manage patient records, including name, room number, pay type, responsible party info, diagnoses, and allergies

  • Access drug clinical information, including side effects, indications, contraindications, interactions, and suggested monitoring

  • Print medical records and On-Demand clinical and billing reports

  • iAMOS Rx operates securely over an encrypted SSL certified web address to your pharmacy server.


The Benefits



Gives pharmacies the ability to automatically transmit the pharmacy identification numbers for all prescriptions, which results in accurate, consistent reimbursement. 

24/7 Online

Our industry-experienced support reps are available across all time zones; 24/7, 365 days a year. We will never ask for a credit card to extend your support minutes. Ongoing training is available onsite or online.

Patient Communcation

Save time on the phones and communicate seamlessly with your patients to facilitate refills and med synch management. Let your patients help you!

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