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The Future of Independent Pharmacies.
The Time is Now.

  • Combined Efficiency - Operates Retail & LTC, No need for multiple systems

  • Streamlined Workflow - Minimize keystrokes and maximize productivity

  • User-Friendly Training – Less time learning, more time serving patients

  • Detailed Reports – Stay on top of your finances instantly

  • Tailored to You - Customizable to perfectly fit with your workflow

  • Effortless Communication - Integrated document imaging & e-Faxing technologies

  • Advanced Medication Management - A proprietary bidirectional eMAR system (MedTablet)

  • Integrated Phone App – Includes a direct and secure communication to the Pharmacist

  • Rapid On-Site Implementations – Ensure minimal disruption to your operations

  • In-house Data Conversions – Cost efficient & zero reliance on 3rd-party services

It's hard to stay competitive. We can help.

With so many challenges facing our profession today, staying up to date in how you communicate with your patients shouldn't be one of them. Optimus RX Solutions is your pharmacy’s source for affordable digital solutions that result in better patient outcomes.

• 80+ Interfaces including eMAR, EHR and Dispensing 

• Enhanced work flow for accuracy and ease of communication

• Allows total management of your deliveries, including real time costs
• Order tracking provides you with automated confirmation of all deliveries, and even allows the driver to be re-routed (if necessary)

• Proprietary Fax Server/Document Imaging Model
• Med Sync
• Advocate Notation

The Benefits



Gives pharmacies the ability to automatically transmit the pharmacy identification numbers for all prescriptions, which results in accurate, consistent reimbursement. 

24/7 Online

Our industry-experienced support reps are available across all time zones; 24/7, 365 days a year. We will never ask for a credit card to extend your support minutes. Ongoing training is available onsite or online.

Patient Communcation

Save time on the phones and communicate seamlessly with your patients to facilitate refills and med synch management. Let your patients help you!

Empowering Pharmacies, Elevating Care.

Your All-in-One Retail/LTC Combo. Interested? Request a Demo!

OptimusRx Solutions helps identify Medicare patients that may qualify for zero or lower DIR! Request a Demo today!



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